Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Party 2010...

Passion for Party
With love, Auntie E.

This party was created for my dear Nephew. It was actually for his birthday. 
This year, we were trying to do something different. We were trying to be "Green", for the first time!!
(yeah right...haha) 
Re-created what we had before from last year's Halloween, without buying some major items. 
Challenge: No skulls or skeleton were allowed 
(We have boxes of skulls, but only 11 small rubber rats for 30 kids..Oh No!!). 
Finally, we came up with the idea "Witch Cave/Kitchen", well, somewhat.. hahaha
Bought: - Rice grains (They were affordable and re-usable for cooking)
- Sparkles, which worked as Tears and Witch's Magic Dust
-Pumpkin for Illumination
-Used Newspaper and Wooden sticks
Rented: 30 Chairs and 6 tables, ripped their cloths and covers off for dirty-distressed look
Workers: Just me and my sista :)
Working Duration: 9 hours.
 With unlimited Momogi snacks and Nu Green Tea!! O God...
Result: Happy Nephew who said "Wowww.. Cool"
plus his Heart-Warming Smile!!
This party was made out of Love...truly, E.

Trick or Treats!!!

Found in a local market shop..What could i do with it?

Witch Gone Mad or Medusa Lady? 
I needed to Pimp my Costume from last year!! 


Mission accomplished !! :D hihihi
The whole salon totally freaked out and 
watched me in my most Glorious Moment of the year!!
BRAVO Auntie E!!