Thursday, December 23, 2010


Interior Journey in LA
with my decorator ;)

Bought this chair for Apartment Re-Decorating 
Curious how it will go together with the others hehe.
Will share it with you guys when is finished ;)
This piece is numbered...Made out of Scrap Fabrics and Clothing
So Coool!!

LA Journal: Crustacean Butter

Very Good and Fulfilling Dinner ;)

LA Chrome Heart nook...

LA Sweet Little Treasure...

LA Candy...

LA Journal: Sun..Sun...Sun!!!

LA Journal: Over the Rainbow....

Finally, after few days of Rain and Mud Slide....ohh...
Loving it...!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LA Journal: Christmas Bliss...


LA Journal: Panda Love, xoxo E

Was really tired from the whole day walk... 
Panda Comfort.. :)

LA Journal: Star Sparks

 Breakfast @Chateau Marmont
Love this star chateau-like Hotel... 
Feels like Old Hollywood Glamour :) 

 Love this French Soup Cup Latte...

 Tasted like Homemade Pancake...very good.
 Breakfast Burrito
 Banana Cake Breakfast with Yoghurt

Saturday, December 18, 2010

LA Journal: Eat, Shop and Love ;)

Eat, Shop and Love, 
Who Doesn't Love that?
 Very Delicate Valentino Shoes...
It was displayed in a Glass box!! hahaha
Did Cinderella lost her Black Lace Shoes?

 Whoa... Shoes Madness...
Days before Christmas...
 A View from the Top @Barneys... :D
"Spotted Kris Kardashian shopping at Barneys before Christmas ;)...xoxo"
 Where can you get a Perfect Big Cup of Latte

 Melted Grilled Cheese Sandwich...So Good...
 Dinner @Angelini Osteria
7313 Beverly Blvd/ Hollywood/ Italian
Rated by Luxe Guide and Michelin 2009
 $90 Truffle Omellete...
Best Dish of the Night... Two Thumbs Up!!
 $90 Truffle Pizza....Awesome but not as good as the omellete
 Look at those shaved Truffle... Very Aromatic... hm....
 Lobster Salad
 Something with Truffle .. forgot the name
but quite Good... Pasta tasted quite Authentic...
 Love the Truffle Omellete and the first Pasta, Lamb Chop Eater should try.
I am not a Lamb Chop Eater, but this one was not that strong 
and super Juicy at the same time... Well Done!