Sunday, November 28, 2010

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills: Camille

credit: Us Weekly 2010
I would never expect myself watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Honestly, The age gap was a bit too far for me to relate.
I downloaded the episode weeks ago to kill my boredom..
 Little did I know I got hooked!! O God!!
The show was totally catty, funny, glamorous, superficial and entertaining at the same time.
Perfect portraits of the Beverly Hills Housewives. 
Paris Hilton's Aunties were two of the casts.
Plus, never seen before crazy Beverly Hills mansions.
*Review: 3.5 /5

Jakarta Culinary Festival 2010: Part 3.

 @Social House, Grand Indonesia
November 27th, 2010
Frank Camorra
Best MasterChef that I've tried so far for JCF.
Heard that it really took 3 weeks to book his restaurant..o wow!!
 Oh no..this was unfair!!...i could never resist an egg dish!!
 It was such a simple comfort food for me.
Creamy, Smooth and Flavorsome!!
Warm and Flavorful Soup. 
 Finger Lickin' Tiramisu Cocktail..try eating it with the cookie...!
Beef Cheek...
 Really Good Pork Belly
Best Dish of the Nite....Trust me!! Two Thumbs Up!!

Food was really comforting and delicious!!
I never gushed too many time during the dinner.
Best part of it, we could order many times until we were super full..awesome!! 
Generous Food Portion.
The whole dinner was not too "intimidating", great restaurant atmosphere.
Totally made my day!! Superb!!
Would totally book a reservation for 3 weeks.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Preview...

Eat, Travel, Shop and Love... Ahhhh
10 Days of Traveling Journal
Bonjour Madame E! ;)

The Hilfigers Home

@the Plaza, New York
credit: Harper's Bazaar U.S. Aug 2010

I never bought a single piece of Tommy Hilfiger outfit.
My impression of the brand was Classic, too Sporty, American wear. 
Something that I wouldn't wear in a million years hehe. 
Ralph Lauren, Yes!...Hilfiger, No!.
Little did i know... his house was charming and definitely a true beauty.
It has made me wonder how much the brand has developed and changed now.
Anyone has a different view on this?

Rachel Zoe Obsession: Inside Her Bag!!

credit: Us Weekly 2010

Rachel Zoe Obsession, I Die..

credit: Harper's Bazaar U.S. Sept 2010

Jakarta Culinary Festival 2010: Part 2.

Sorry for the late post..been traveling for 10 days in Europe...
will promise to share some of my great experiences with you soon...
 @Casa D'Oro, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski
November 2010
(@Private Room)
 Japanese Scallop Tartare, Marinated Sardine in Black Olive Focaccia
Spanish Saffron Oil and Green Apple Tartar
 Red Tomato and Basil Soup
Herb Salad, Tuna Confit
 Vegetables A la Grecque
Eggplant Caviar, Wild Mushrooms, Parmesan Flakes
and Sherry Vinaigrette
 Suquet De Peix
Potatoes, Catalan "Sofregit" and Spiny Lobster
 Wagyu Beef
Shallot Confit and Polenta Cake
 Mint and Lemon Granite
Indonesian Mango stein
 Fresh Caramelized Mango
finished in the oven with Szechuan Peppercorns
Mr. Santi Santamaria himself
7 Michelin Stars Masterchef (Spain).
Wow! He personally signed my Menu!!
Very charming and nice in person.

Overall, I loved the vegetables and fish dishes (They were good).
Couldn't go wrong with Fresh Scallop.
Tomato Soup tasted like fresh Juice and Wagyu Beef was standard.
Desserts were not amazing. 

Readers, heard that Alvin Leung (Hong Kong) was really super good and impressive. 
If you did try, pls share some pics and comments for us!!! hehe

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pop Up Restaurant & Bar

 Wouldn't Your Agree? hahaha
An Exciting, Unique concept brought to you by the Ismaya Group  
Pop Up Restaurant & Bar is created, built and operated by the company for a month only featuring special menus from different master chefs every week!! (located in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta)
For more info

Jakarta Culinary Festival 2010, Weekend Expo

5th-7th November 2010
@Grand Indonesia West Mall, Level 5
 Foodtography Photo Booth
Awesome Live Cooking Demonstration... 
from "Flavours of William Wongso".
More than 10,000 people attended the exhibition over that Weekend.