Sunday, May 8, 2011


24-hours ISHOP,not IHOP*
The International House of Shopping!
(*hahaha I'm totally joking!!!)

Took only a 24-hours trip to Singapore...
I was totally in the hunt for the perfect gifts for my friends and family...Birthday..., Birthday..., Another Birthday...and Birthday...Went to Louis for more affordable Chic gifts...Something small, Something useful, Something for myself at last? -_-"

 Hm...The Louis Vuitton Animal Legged Heels, Interesting Legs... 

The L.V. Makeup and Jewelry Trunk Case...
Finally settled with some stripes and initial monogram, inspired by Andre Leon Talley? 

 With Hours only munching down some TWG Rose Macaroons and Quiche...We were totally starved! So Sorry, W!!! "Our Version of the Fabulous Dinner?"-LV

 Even P.S. Cafe refused to serve us some decent meals at 11PM... We were dizzy, hungry,... have totally lost track of time -_-" !!!
Mr Prata, 24 Hours! near Nassim Road,
Pheuw!! Here we Come!!!
At last..., Full Meals!!!
 Cheese and Egg Prata...
Chicken Biryani...
Awesome Thirst Quencher, The Lime Juice..
Slurp, Slurp,...Ahhh!!! 
*This post is dedicated to my awesome and super fun friend, Ms. W. Hope to see you again soon!!
XoXo, E.

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