Thursday, April 28, 2011


Mad For Garlic @ Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
West Mall.
 Arrabbiata Pasta
Spicy Chili Pasta with Bacon slices in Tomato Sauce. Pasta was slightly Spicy, Meaty but Good... :)
 Garlic Snowing Pizza
Special Sweet Garlic Pizza, topped with sliced pineapple and shrimps. Pizza was surprisingly light, very thin, very unique and highly addictive !!! Best pizza in the restaurant...!!! Really To Die For !!!
Mushroom Risotto
Very Good...Very Delicious...
They made it a bit spicy...
Anchovy Garlic Cream Fondue:
It was okay, nothing special.
Lobster Pasta:
If you would like to have some cream-based pasta, this should be good for you...
Garlic Hug Steak:
... -_-
Food was Very Good, Very Unique. 
My impression was like the higher-end of the Red Tomato chain :). Highly Recommended for Food Adventurer...Try to order more of the spicy dishes than the creamy ones!! They were generally more unique...

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  1. I at here yesterday, the food was terrible. I had a so called meat lover pizza, it had condensed milk for the base were tomatoes should have been, I felt sick after 2 slices, the manager was not at al bothered. Avoid this place, unless you want to waste your money. Tom from UK