Friday, April 8, 2011


 Walking endlessly... with new my Flat Manolo Boots was not such a good idea... My feet were kinda blistered with "happiness"... to be exact, trying to imagine all the cool food I would explore...God... -_-
I guess "No Pain No Gain"!!!
I would love to be Caught Dead Chic, Eating Sugary pink cupcakes with my Manolos... not a pair of Flip Flops!!! After all the food, I needed much cute shoes to "lengthen and balance" my legs and body !!!
 Hahahaha :D
Well, first one the list...
"Pretty Sugared Cookies"...then...
Me..Myself and I dying in Sugar High Happiness... -_- HOHOHOHO !!!

It was all WORTH it!!!! TRUST me!!!
 The "Gossip Girl" Kelly Rutherford Haute Handbag Cookies based on her QVC handbag line...Really Cute and Fab...!!! Bought 2 boxes for my Girlfriends!! :D

 Eleni's New York is mostly famous for their Pretty Cutie Hand-Iced Cookies..!!! They were awesomely Delicious + Chic + Yummy + Fab!!! Who said "Pretty things tasted bad?". I went back to Eleni's 3 times that week....My Highway Road for Sugar-Fix!!! Okay...that was not so normal to me!!! But what is normal? -_-
I happened to love their Cupcakes the best among the other contenders like...Magnolia, Billy's, Tribeca Treats, Baked by Melissa.

-Eleni's :Not too sweet, Light, Airy and Delish. I could eat the whole cupcake and more.

-Magnolia Bakery- Good for Banana Pudding, Cupcakes were cute..Feeling much of Carrie Bradshaw.

-Billy's and Tribeca Treats- Okay...Somewhat still could taste the icing base. Edible.

-Baked by Melissa- Famous for bite-sized cupcakes...

I particularly loved that Pink Frosting ->my most favorite flavor + the cutie cookies!!!
"How Cute is Too Cute?"
 PS: Eleni's also makes Couture Runway Shoes Cookies based on Spring/ Summer 2011 Runway !! They are awfully cute!!! To Die For!!!
Bring back your receipt for next discount visit  

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