Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eat, Love or No Love? Tough Love

Yesterday, I ate this amazing dish in Social House, Jakarta (One of the Hippest place in Town). The Restaurant was surprisingly crowded on Tuesday night. Lotsa young family and crowd at the same time. 
I've been sick right after the Halloween Party, cursed by the Ultimate "Witch Magic Dust",... what I meant literally was "The real Dust" hahaha. So this Date-Night was a Cheer-Up for me from Mommy G. 
She specially ordered the "Halloween Menu" that we've missed cuz of our own party. Anyway, it was Super i took pictures to share my experience with you all... Enjoy ;)
Love Mommy G for that...!!

Pumpkin Puree with ??? Pork
(from the Halloween Menu)
It was Delightful and Superb!! They should have put this in the Regular Menu!!
It was very tasty and carefully spiced. Fabulous!!
Eat, Love..definitely YES

Apple Crumble Dish that turned into "big Poopie" after being left for a offense...
but the restaurant is still one of My Best Favorites for lunch and breakfast.
(Regular Dessert Menu)
Eat, Love...NO

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