Sunday, January 16, 2011


 @ Jackrabbit, Jakarta
 The Menu
 Interesting Wall of Fame...hahaha

I particularly like this gold deco design...

 Love the Napkin ;)
 Truffle Fries -
If you are a fan of PS Cafe's Shoestrings Truffle fries, this serving was way too small for you!! The closest thing you could get in Indonesia, but was a bit too oily and fried a bit too long.
Wishing the texture could be thinner...for a lighter yummy feel.
 Bread serving was rather small for 4 people,
but the butter/ condiments were good.
 12 hours pork belly was okay only.
 Wagyu n Salted Egg Fried Rice was good, quite tasty with the "sambal mata".
 Monte Cristo sandwich was my favorite
 Pinwheel Steak was a bit too rare
 John Dory was standard.
 The Bar...
Food was generally good and quite tasty... Good standard for a new restaurant. Definitely will Come Back for Lunch or Dinner...
Cheers for Jackrabbit!!!

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