Friday, January 28, 2011


Another baby project that i'm "grooming" this time...
Every project is a dream... Definitely a learning process and experience for me...!!
Hoping to be inspired everyday now...
I always love something more traditional but not too heavy...
This one is definitely something outside my usual comfort zone, but I'm loving it!!!
Due Date: End of Year...
Custom Lighting by Lindsey Adelman Studio
24k Brushed Gold with a Mix of clear, murrine, and Gold foil globes...
(as seen in Sex and The City 2 Movie)
 Natural Solid Wood Table with Matte Smooth Finish
with Sherner Side Chairs (designed by Norman Cherner),
The original design of Holy Hunt...
a sweet Wedding Gift from my sistas ;)
Finally found its home....!!!

"I'm Crossing my Fingers now... hehehe :D"-E

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