Tuesday, June 7, 2011


@Al Gelato, Robertson Blvd,
Los Angeles.
What could be better than having Great Desserts accompanied by Great Meals at 4PM after you've finished Shopping? Ah ha...!
Al Gelato is a Dessert Parlor that serves not only Homemade Gelato, but also good Food. Everything is super Delish! Really, You Will Ask for More!!
 The Large BBQ Chicken Pizza!!!
Super Awesome!!! My Favorite!!!
 The Minestrone Soup. 
Super Hearty and Very Comforting!
 The GIANT Meatball!
Yummmm...! Really Good!!
The Homemade Cappuccino Gelato 
with Crunchy bits inside!!!!
Ultra Smooth, Creamy and Lush in Texture Gelato...with interesting Yummy Crunchy bits. 
I like the Pistachio Flavor Gelato too.
True Comfort Food and Desserts!
I Luv It! My La La Land!!! 

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