Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hair is a Girl's Crown and Glory, Agree? I've never been a Girl who cares so much on How my Hair was Blown and Styled. I am a Pony Tail kinda Girl! You will see me sporting it 90% of the Year! Sure, having a Nice, Long, Luscious, Enviable Lock has always been in my Bucket Lists!

So, One Fine Day, I picked up my phone and called the One and Only Lauren Conrad's Hairstylist, Kristin Ess (from Chris McMillan Salon, Los Angeles)! She's definitely a Major Character! She's Very Down-to-Earth,one of the Funniest and Nicest person I've ever met! 
She put on the Most Flawless and Painless Hair Extension I've ever had (My Previous extension lasted me only less than 24 hrs)! 
Result: Long Luscious Goddess Hair!:D

It is quite pricey, but it's worth every single penny. The Extension lasted me for over than 10 weeks. 

Overall: Very Pleasant Experience from a Celebrity Hairstylist! Foolproof and Very Natural looking Hair Extension (*You can pull your hair up without a trace of the extension). Amazing! I call it "the Hollywood Extension"! Definitely will Come Back for More! 

I'm saving my Best Post for last! This is my last posting from my previous traveling Journal! Yay! :) XOXO, E. 

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