Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 These are the Fun Shots that I took while taking a tour of a newly renovated Chanel Store in Takashimaya, Singapore! The Store offers a wide selection of Chanel Clothing and Accessories combined with Suite-like Changing Rooms. Super Awesome! (*Fyi, the Pre-Fall 2011 items are in!)Oh, Karl! Simply Well Displayed and Designed, making me to dream Chanel even more!

I've managed to see the Chanel "Hidden Sale Rack" from inside the Sales' Room the other day! I scouted the Most Perfect Chanel Black Tweeds Knee Length Jacket hanging on the "HALF OFF" rack! (*wasn't it a Dream?) Finally bought several items from the Fabulous store! Will share My Treasure Hunt with you soon! Stay Tuned! Love,Love, E.

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