Monday, June 27, 2011


Plaza Senayan,
Jakarta- Indonesia
Opens everyday from 7AM-10PM!

Today, I'm trying out Monolog! The Buzzing Place at Plaza Senayan that serves all day Breakfast and Coffee. I've heard so much about it, so I've decided to test it out! All I have to say about this place: "The Coffee Rocks, the Food does not! At least, not for Today..."

 The Orange Caramel Latte:
(My Favorite)
I'm loving this a lot! Strong Coffee with a Twist! You don't have to get an Espresso to Stay Awake! HaHaHa. Something more Cheery than the Regular Latte or Espresso!

The Breakfast, on the other hand, does not have the right Kick...! It is generally not as spot on as in other cafe/ bistros in town. The Food looks slightly amateurish. 

 This is the Food from the Lunch/ Dinner Menu that was mistakenly sent to our Table. It looks better than our Food, so maybe we should give it another try next time!
 The Iced Butterscotch Passion Fruit Latte:
The Coffee hits on the right Note, but I still prefer the previous Orange Caramel Latte.

The Coffee is awesome, The Breakfast is not! Will try to come back again for the Lunch/ Dinner Menu! Very Cool Place to Hang Out tho! ;)


  1. not good same price with tax included on the food bill, u have to pay for tax too the difference is "separation and included" :O tea? for 30k? not cheap i think, and food nothing special too.. same with deluca i think overcharged with very simple menu food,

    but many people traped here coz their location.. when no competitor nearby

  2. The food looks dodgy, coffee looks normal. Thanks for the review!