Tuesday, June 21, 2011


 @White Hunter
Gandaria City, Jakarta

 I don't want to say "Good Look can be Deceiving", but in this case, It is true! I was sending my kid to a Playground at Gandaria City the other day, I got so tempted to eat when I saw the restaurant's warm and cool Safari Decor. Food was hardly edible and The Sauce was terrible...Sorie!

 Kani Salad, tasted amateur.
 I love Mozarella sticks, but this one was not good! The Dipping sauce tasted Alien! No words could explain it! -_-"  
 Simply not Good!
Again, a Different Dipping Sauce for the Chicken Wings tasted %$@*%#... 
haa..ah (*exhaling)!  
Not Good either... :(.
I prefer my Tony Roma's

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