Monday, June 27, 2011


Plaza Senayan
Jakarta, Indonesia
Traditional Indonesian Food Restaurant with a Chic and Modern Makeover! The Chicest Place so far to dine on authentic Indonesian Food in Jakarta! Food and Beverages are served in Bodum Glasswares. The Food is very Tasty and Delicious in general! You won't go wrong by ordering any of their dishes! Delish!

The Chicken Madura Satay,
 served on a Hot Stone Plate.
 This is a Must! I like mine with a mixture of Meat and Skin. It is more Tasty and Aromatic!
 The Gado-Gado,
Vegetable Salad with Indonesian Sweet Peanut Dressing. For People who don't Love to Eat Salad! The Peanut dressing will cover the taste of the vegetables. Tasty Healthy Food!
 Kecipir Sautee Vegetable, 
My Favorite, Very Good!
The Wagyu Ribs,
I like it Medium Cooked. Not Necessarily authentic Indonesian, but Very Juicy, Tender and Tasty. 

Others to Order:
-Nasi Tuk Tuk 
-Nasi Goreng 
-Tahu Telor
- Hot Ginger Tea
Love the Food, Love the Restaurant! Very Delicious! I'm a Regular! Te-Sate! Te-Sate!

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