Saturday, March 5, 2011


Confessions of a Cool Mommy? :
I've been obsessed with Aden+Anais muslin swaddle wraps since the day my daughter was born. Ssstt!!... It was more than two years ago...!! I still couldn't be part from them. Shame on me!!.
 For swaddling, lite-blankets, Sheets covers, stroller name them! They are definitely a Chic option,..Soft and made out of 100% cotton/ fine rayon from bamboo fiber.."the ultimate breathability and 
softness for swaddling blankets"
Aden+Anais just came up with their new Bamboo series that are a lot more Softer and Cuter Prints!! Well, It serves for my multi-purpose usages now...hehehe

PS: "These Pregnancy and Baby postings are dedicated for my Dear Pregnant sister and girlfriends :)... I love you!!!"
Look out for more Cool Baby postings for you guys!!! hehe

I use these a lot for my lil daughter's Warm Weather Blankets... They are so cute and soft enough for stroller blankets during the summer...
I also borrow them sometimes...for airplane flights, if I may have forgotten my pashmina...  ;)
If anyone does know me well..., They know I have severe soft spot towards Blankets and Peacocks prints. Perfect!

From their Classic Lines:

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