Thursday, March 3, 2011


I like this day bed a the bead-board profiling details with perfect deep storage space at the bottom...
I was thinking more like a nursery/ kids' room.
Perfect size for us to rest while watching our kids playing.
Price was in SGD$ 
Best part of the trip? The Chicken Wings!!
Juicy and Big Sized Chicken Wings...the last time i went... i ate almost 30 of those.. :D
The Swedish Meatballs.. I like the simplicity and the sauce... It reminded me back at college days where IKEA was my destination for having a cute affordable furnitures for my bedroom.
The Glistening IKEA Daim Cake...
My most most favorite cake in whole IKEA..
Milk Milk Chocolate Cake with Crunchy texture!!!
You could also buy it after the checkout counter where they sells hotdogs, crackers and cookies and bring home hehe.

The Glass Table Lamps are quite cute and classic..Something I wouldn't expect from IKEA maybe Crate and Barrel.

If you like the Old-Hollywood Inspired Dressing Room Mirror like in Kyle Richards's Home (the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress)..This could be your call for a more affordable option..:
Lines of Bulbs Mirror.
This is Kyle Richards's Dressing Mirror that we've seen a lot in the TV Shows.
Little White Crystal Chandelier..
Could be nice just as an accent.. Not very refined but affordable to get the look.

I like Zebra skins or rugs a lottt...
This could really transform the whole room...Giving it a Chic Texture and Glamorous Pinch!!

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