Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Tonkatsu @ Ginza Bairin, Ion, Orchard, Singapore.
(near Food Court area)
"Self Service for Orders and Seats"
Queue for orders in front. Get your meals later. Always full, Come in adv. 
Closest thing to Real Japanese Tonkatsu in Singapore? All I could say also "Easy Access" for convenient location.
"Special Black Pig Katsudon"

"Regular Black Pig Katsudon"
The difference between the special and regular- just double the eggs. Special has that yummy runny..a bit "Sunny Side-Up" Egg. For an egg sucker like me, Totally Perfect!! More Delicious!! The More The Better.. Rite? :D
If you are not ordering some Curry Rice,
Don't forget to order a side of "Curry Sauce". A bit expensive... SGD$4.00 without any meat and stuffs, but would definitely add a lot of flavor and fireworks to the dishes. LoL! Recommended!
Japanese Char Siew.
Not a fan.
"Cheese Croquette" and "Tamago
Crouqette is good, but Tamago isn't so orangie and runny like normal.

Quite Good. Would satisfy your cravings quite well without going for the distance.

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