Friday, March 18, 2011


Having to lie down on bed for hours with eyes wide opened "the ultimate Jet Lag-attack", I've decided to get my ass to blog more about my journey to NYC....It is 7.44 AM here now!!! and I am still not asleep. This is bad!!!
 Picking up my simple guilty pleasure..
My "Yin Yang" drink and 2 Soft Boiled Egg with Pepper and Soy Sauce in Singapore airport.
 Hours of re-watching "Sex and the City...Planning my travel schedules and eating endless Oatmeal bars....
Sssst...My True Combo:
Vanilla Ice Cream with Apple Crisp Oatmeal Bar...Awesome....!!! or It was just my Boredom talking? hahaha 

 I didn't love the food this time,
so I wouldn't blog about it. It was okay.

 More Apple Crisp bars? 
 Finally...!!! arriving at the hotel...!!

"I HEART N.Y.C." -E.

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